In the midst of trauma and disruption, it is tempting to take cover and wait until the storm passes over . . .

But it was great planning and hard work that brought you success before the storms.

Now is the time to do the smart work that will sustain your organization. 

The MOTiSS Evaluation Framework will help you to synergize across your organization’s strengths, resources, and vulnerabilities in empowering ways.

Program evaluation is the process of valuing an endeavor by understanding the associated costs (investments) and benefits (consequences) through systematic analysis of its components.  It is often used for assessing the value of social programs, though program evaluation also can be beneficial for valuing the efforts and engagements of most non-profit organizations, Benefit Corporations, B Corporations, public-private partnerships, and many private for-profit entities.


At a time of global pandemic when the staff and beneficiaries of social programs are experiencing the same traumas and organizational stability is threatened by economic and structural challenges, new models of evaluation must emerge to capture the effects of overlapping traumas.

When the impact of trauma on a program or organization is documented and measured, it becomes possible for program designers and staff to develop plans that lessen the impact of trauma on program success and accelerate recovery from trauma-induced setbacks.

The MOTiSS (multiple and overlapping traumas in symbiotic systems) Evaluation Framework brings to the surface traditionally embedded institutional components of program design for examination, reflection, and interrogation, helping organizations to efficiently use resources and opportunities to move forward through particularly difficult times.  Organizations are empowered to be proactive rather than reactive.

Course Curriculum

This course introduces participants to the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework developed by Kenyatha V. Loftis, Ph.D. (Course Instructor) and Rosalyn R. Loftis, co- founders of Solutions by L.SMURPHE.F.  It describes the need for and contributions of the framework, and the course equips participants with the tools to utilize the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework in their organizations.

What's included?

  • Welcome video: Traumas, Disasters, and Distresses, Oh My!  (free)
  • Identifying the Challenges Self Interview  (free)
  • An Evaluation Framework for Troubling Times: MOTiSS (free)
  • Using the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework in Your Organization: The Trauma Mitigation Toolkit  ($)
  • Offer for Technology-Based Guided Support to Complete a MOTiSS Evaluation  (free)
  • Invitation to Engage in Collaborative Partnership through Consulting Services  (free)

About the Instructor

Kenyatha V. Loftis

Kenyatha V. Loftis, Ph.D. is co-founder and Chief Executive of Local Scholars and Mentors Unifying Research and Practice to Harvest Excellence for the Future (L.SMURPHE.F) Enterprises, Ltd. Co.—a consulting firm rooted in the mantras sankofa* and climbing together.An excellent listener and innovative strategist, Dr. Loftis develops streamlined solutions for multidimensional problems.  Her subject matter expertise includes program evaluation, education policy, and institutional analysis.Dr. Loftis is a graduate of Yale College (B.A. in Political Science), the University of Michigan (Ph.D. in Public Policy & Political Science), and Rice University (Certificate in Education Entrepreneurship, School of Business).*Sankofa: Go back for what has been forgotten.

Now is the time to do the smart work that will sustain your organization.  Eyes open: Let’s strategize through the chaos!

What the experts have been saying about the content in this course:

 ***Wow oh wow! What an incredible set of materials! I am not joking around when I say that lots of city officials and non-profits could really benefit from your frameworks and tools.***